NomadGao Turns 1 – time for remote work revolution!

August 1, 2019. Within just 5 days of seeing the place, we signed the contract to start NomadGao in a beautiful Assagao to spread remote work to villages. Like most things happening in our lives, starting NomadGao was a quick change.

As a digital nomad community builders, we always knew we would end up starting a coworking-coliving place in Goa. We just didn’t know it could happen so soon.

A year of rainbows

What a year it has been!

From being stuck in the biggest flood in decades right when we started Nomadgao to seeing Coronavirus wiping out the travel industry, we have seen it all.

The year was full of learnings too. Right from learning how to do housekeeping to knowing about plants in our garden, there were a lot of first-time experiences.

The interactions with people from around the world doing interesting things also taught us a lot. We have hosted people from 14 different countries in the first year at NomadGao. Right now, we have a filmmaker, a game developer, a musician, a photographer, a social media expert, and an entrepreneur living together. Isn’t that beautiful?

NomadGao Coliving Community

Introducing Program Panchayat – Remote work for social good

We have always believed that remote work is a great equalizer.

That was the core idea behind starting NomadGao, to take coworking-coliving beyond crowded cities to places like Goa.

We are upping our game now!

Remote work is going mainstream, thanks to coronavirus. Most knowledge workers are not expected to go to office until the end of the year or even beyond that. This means they may not have to be in cities.

We are backing ProGramPanchayat (Panchayat = Village headquarters. Thus ProGramPanchayat loosely translates to ‘for villages’ or ‘program for villages’), a not-for-profit social venture to help Indian villages adapt to the new normal while helping India cities sustainable, all through the power of remote work.

Program Panchayat will be launching its fellowship program on August 15.  The fellowship is currently open for Indian digital nomads and remote workers. During the 3-month fellowship, the fellows will spend 10 hours a week educating rural population on technology and 10 hours learning farming and other means of sustainable living. The villages will provide accommodation, food, and connectivity to the fellows.

Remote Explorers podcast is live

Mayur, our founder, is cohosting Remote Explorers podcast with Shahzada Arora. The purpose of the podcast is to bring out inspiring remote work-related stories. In the first few episodes we have:-

  • Interviewed Abhash Kumar , head of marketing at Springrole about remote work transformation
  • Talked to Akshay Kanthi on working from Himalayas
  • Had a chat with Shruti Chaturvedi on her journey of starting up at 22 and moving to Goa
  • Learned a lot about global travel insurance from Andrew, cofounder and CEO of Insured Nomads.

If you are interested in being our next guest, you can contact us here.

Time for remote work utopia?

Through all these projects, we want to prepare India for the new normal.

At NomadGao, we are attracting digital nomads to India. Through ProGramPanchayat, we are attracting Indians to villages. With Remote Explorers podcast, we are inspiring people to live differently!

We are aiming for a utopia!

We are also adding more rooms to NomadGao as we are tired of saying ‘we are not available’ to people!






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