5 Ways to Find your Remote Work Community

Remote work brings its own bag full of experiences and joys. Ever tried stepping out of your comfort chair in your glass door office or cramped cubicle? Venturing into new workspaces comes with an unwavering sense of independence and control over your life. You get to decide not only where you’ll have your coffee and how you divide your time between working and relaxing. Yet anyone who’s dived into this thrilling world free of restrictions and time constraints are familiar with the feelings of isolation and loneliness that follow.


Building relationships and community is an essential part of our mental and social health. Are you someone who’s considering venturing into travelling for remote work or still struggling to be included? Here’s some tips on how you can find your remote work community away from home

Coliving/ Coworking Spaces during Remote Work

a community of people coliving

A lot of properties specifically dedicated to digital nomads have been popping up all around the country. You could book a space that offers coworking options with common spaces dedicated to working individuals. Another fun thing to do would be to book dorms. Sharing bathrooms, bunk beds, closet space and work space could really turn into something fun! We’ve watched too many movies, but you get the gist yeah? Hostels are an option but they might not provide the necessary environment to get work done. Coliving spaces like NomadGao that are dedicated to bringing together a remote work community would be more ideal. At NomadGao, we actively take initiative to introduce community activities like excursions, community talks dinners and so on to ensure interactions. With our weekly NomadConnects every Wednesday, we’re great icebreakers!


Coworking and remote work has always been close to the hearts of many freelancers. Now due to the pandemic, people who were pushed to working from home have also resorted to finding new workation destinations. If you’re considering becoming a digital nomad or starting out as a freelancer, click here to find out how get your first workation right! It is key to falling in love with it.

Volunteer in the local community

human feeding baby animal

If you like petting puppies find an organisation that hosts adoption camps where you can go pet puppies! It’s no news but you’ll definitely find other people there who like petting puppies as well! There is no better way to find like-minded people than through volunteering events that resonate with your interests and philosophies! Book clubs, hikes, bird watching camps, blood donation camps, marathons, there is a wide sea of possibilities to explore! Even if you can’t swim, you’ll find people who’ll help you stay afloat.


Local newspapers, facebook groups, Instagram and even your coliving space manager could help you find the right event. Most events are uploaded on Insider and are pretty easy to find. If nothing else works just go hit some cafes and pester some customers (and maybe even owners!) to find out what you need. In Goa, animal shelters, marathons and other sporting events, music events and many NGOs working with children or sustainability are pretty popular.

Be active in your remote work destination!

a community gathering


If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no. If you don’t get out there and participate, there won’t be people to meet and ice to break! So get out there, host and participate in events and talk about your interests! Be cautious but don’t be afraid to open up the sluice gates a little. Be vocal about your passions, your interests and everything that keeps you going. The best friendships begin with the most absurd memories. At our NomadConnect, we make sure everyone present gets a chance to chip in their fair share of everything that’s bouncing around inside their heads. 

On my short stay in NomadGao VilaNova, I had my taste of coworking in Goa. I struck a wonderful conversation with the owner of the property who fascinated me with his adventurous spirit, his desire to learn French and his love for his wife who hailed from my hometown. The conversation will always remain with me and if I ever go back, I’ll definitely be practising french with the couple. I dared and so I found my little remote work community.

Harness the Power of the Internet

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As much as we encourage meeting people in person, everybody knows that the internet is faster and reaches farther than our humble feet could. So use your digital social connections to get in touch with people, not only those in your area but those far away too! Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter are great places to start. Initiate collaborations or just simple conversations over which coffee they like or how you liked the way they wrote their blogs, instagram posts etc. Facebook even has a gazillion groups that you could join and interact in.


Working from home can actually help you pick your working crowd and work with people who share your ideology. Coworking in India is fairly new but it has potential given the positive response towards it during the pandemic. There are plenty of digital nomads in India who’re fascinated by its rural beauty and are attracted to Goa’s pretty lanes, the magnificent Himalayas and so on. So start searching, you never know who you’ll connect with!


Final word on remote work


I believe that the more you travel, the smaller the world becomes. The more people you meet, the less of a stranger the world feels, the less lonely you become, even if you never see them again. The more risks you take, the more fears you squash, the more battles you win, the more you realise your own strength. Once you get the hang of it, independence, freedom, solitude become an inseparable part of you and love feels easier than it did before. So take the first step, and the next, until you figure it out. When you come out of your cocoon, the right kind of people will find you.

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